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Perenjori People's Pathway Interpretive Trail

Interpretation is all about story telling – and the Perenjori People’s Pathway was designed to let those who’d lived the early years of the town tell their own stories.  Time after time those attending public consultation sessions in Perenjori reiterated that the greatest feature of the district was its strong and warmly welcoming sense of community.  This shaped the concept for the Pathway, in which a total of 23 interpretive sites were developed.  These covered a wide variety of buildings, places, people and stories, but focussed strongly on the people of Perenjori’s past. 

In order to stamp a strong point of difference on the outcome – and to put some eye-catching life into the main street - the primary interpretive mechanism was a series rusty steel figures, life sized and located in positions relevant to key structures or activities.  Each of these carried an interpretive panel that commenced with a first-person “quote”, bringing to life the main character in the sculpture.  A set of four large-format colour panels were provided for the nearby Information Bay, while a promotional brochure completed this unique and rewarding project.

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