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Shire of Cue Interpretation Brochure

Kulbardi Hill Consulting is an experienced provider of promotional maps, brochures and guides, and has prepared in excess of 40 such items in the last 20 years.  These documents range from small DL-size hand-outs for specific short trails through folded and double-sided A4 and A3 items and on to large-format whole-of-shire tourism maps and, on occasion, full-scale guide books too.  In all cases the intention is to reflect the colour and character of the place in the design, and to encourage visitors to explore and enjoy safely whilst learning something of the stories behind the experience.

The Shire of Cue first contracted Kulbardi Hill to prepare its new promotional map/brochure in 2014.  This has been updated and reprinted twice since, each time being modified to reflect changing circumstances and/or new attractions.  Measuring 495 x 420 mm (almost A2) in size, the brochure includes both town and Shire maps, and details the local Heritage Trail and a series of out-of-town sites of interest.  It features photographs of some of the fabulous heritage buildings around the town, and draws its design inspiration from these gorgeous structures and the surrounding outback landscape.

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