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Joshua Lake Cycle and Walk Trail

Joshua Lake was created when the former Yoganup North mineral sands mine was rehabilitated after its closure in 1997.  Some years later the Shire of Capel contracted Kulbardi Hill Consulting to prepare interpretive signage and associated promotional material for a short hard-surfaced cycle and walk trail around the lake as part of its enhancement of this lovely site for both visitors and local residents alike.

A stylish large-format trail-head sign greets visitors as they leave the parking area, while etched aluminium interpretive panels shaped to replicate oversize tuart leaves were set on rusty steel branch-like pedestals around the trail itself.  These interpreted local birds and animals, and also provided an insight into the three-dimensional artworks already on site.  The nearby community school uses the trail for both educational and fitness activities, and provided information for one of the panels.

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