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Mullewa District Drive Trails

Kulbardi Hill has been at the forefront of planning and developing drive trails in many parts of rural and regional Western Australia in the last 20 years, and the Mullewa District Drive Trails is a fine example of this work.  Utilising two pre-existing “loops”, one north of town (115 km) and the other south (145 km), these trails tell the story of life in a district well-endowed with raw material: the drama and human hardship of early exploration and settlement; the iconic life of broad-acre farming and pastoralism; the striking variety of natural landforms; the structural blessings of the renowned priest-architect Monsignor John Hawes, and the rich spirituality of Indigenous culture.

Laser-cut steel “sculptures” feature at each of the 29 stopping places, creating striking visual attractions and a life-size interpretation of the site’s storyline.  Interpretive panels in long-lasting etched aluminium were shaped to replicate the well-known “I” for information symbol, and these were attached to a structural “wing” that provided stability for the main feature.  A highlight of these trails is the deeply emotional shelter and interpretive site at Butterabby Graves.

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